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Get the “WoW” Look with  “No Sewing”  Window Treatments by Jan Britt          
Below is a recent letter that I received from a reader asking how they could update the Look of their Master Bedroom. Below, I am going to show you the before look and how I was able to help her get the “WoW Look without spending lots of money by using “No Sewing” Window Treatments. I have posted two links about “No Sewing” Window Treatments from a program that I did for HGTV.
Look Before June 
Dear Jan ,

My husband and I decided not to move so we want to give our current house an updated look. We want to know how to get the “WOW” Look when we walk into our bedroom. What can we do to achieve the “WOW” look without spending a lot of money?   


Joan Brown  



 Dear Joan,


There are many ways to achieve the “WOW” look when people first enter into a room. Pulling all the decorating factors together will create the Look After Junetotal look you want. Those factors are furniture, flooring, lighting, wall paint, window treatments, artwork or pictures and accessories. Trying to achieve this look on a budget can be a challenge but it can be done. Painting your walls is one way to add personality to your room and not cost a lot of money.


 Window treatments and art work add a finished off look and add color at the same time. So many times my clients have told me they had no idea that window treatments would have such an impact on their walls and in their room. Custom made window treatments can add more personality than any other kind of window treatment because they are able to promote your decorating style. However, sometimes custom made window treatments are not in the budget. I have a window treatment solution for you. You can add color and a “WOW” factor by using “No-Sewing” window treatments. These window treatments are very simple to do and if done right can look great on your windows. The fabric adds the color and some personality. There are a huge variety of “No-Sewing” window treatment styles for you to choose from. I have created two instructional DVD’s out showing step by step how to make the window treatments in different styles.  Click Here to see examples of different “No Sewing” Window Treatments from my intructional DVD’s now available on my website.


You can also go to JoAnn or Hancock fabric to see other styles of No-Sewing window treatments in the home decorating section of the pattern books. You can create No-Sewing window treatments that are stapled on a board. They look just like custom make window treatments. You can also buy some readymade window treatments and attach them to a board (with a staple gun) instead of a rod. You might need assistance in stapling the window treatments look professional but it can be done. Many times you can buy a “bed in the bag” for your bedrooms that include window treatments. You can use the window treatment valance as a straight across valance instead of a gathered valance. Or if the bed in the bag comes with drapes you can use the drapes as it was intended to be used on the walls or you can use the drapery fabric to create a different style of window treatment. You can cut out your window treatment design or pattern from the drapery fabric to achieve the style you would like to have for your bedroom.


June Look ValanceThese window treatment ideas are just the beginning to what you can do to achieve a “WOW” factor in your room. For more information look at my links to the HGTV about No-Sewing window treatments. 






Please email me any decorating questions for future “WoW” Look columns. Also,  email me any suggestions for future columns on how I can help you atcheive the “Wow” Look  for your own home without having to spend alot of money. There are lots of great bargains to be had in

both West Cobb and throughout the Atlanta metro area.


So long till August,   


Jan Britt

Jan Britt Interiors

Marieta, Ga. 30064



 Jan Britt HeadshotAbout the Author:  Jan Britt, is owner of Jan Britt Interiors in Marietta. She  is an interior decorator and a professional home stager. She teaches at Kennesaw State University and has appeared on HGRV. She may be reached at decorate@decoratewithjan.com  or (770) 919-2393 or go to her website at www.janbritt.net.









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