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3 Months for the Price of 2 Months /$150 -$600 for 3 Months

This fall run 3 months of advertising for the price of 2. You may run selected size ads** at a Special Fall Promotion  rates.(see ad sizes and details below)  This special rate lets you run for up to  3 months for the price of 2 months

To qualify, you must pay for the total amount prior to running.  All ads include free hyperlinks to your website, a larger size ad or a video on YouTube. You may also change your ad at no additional cost as frequently as once a week. Availability is limited for some ad sizes.  These rates are limited to cash customers and do not include any barter customers. Ads may be placed on the front of the issue  (based on availability) or within a section of your choice. Advertisers may also submit articles for consideration for publication about subjects they are experts in, but not just about their businesses. We do not guarantee publishing submitted articles and they all are subject to editing.  For more information contact Mike Straus our Publisher at 404-694-2208 or mike@westcobbmagazine.com.

 Special Fall Ad Sizes and Rates (All sizes are in pixels)


All Prices Are for 3 Months

$150 Small Square  125 x 125

$200 – Horizonatal Rectangle   150 x 200

$300 – Small Banner Rectange 300 x 100

 $400 – Medium Square 250 x 250

$400 – Medium Rectangle 240 x 300

 $5oo – Side Skyscraper 120 x 600

 $600 – Leaderboard Banners  728 x 90

** Special Fall Rates -For premium fixed positions add an extra $100. Special rates DOES  NOT COVER ANY BARTER OR TRADE ADS or previously negociated special rates. Special rate may be used anytime during the promotion period and may not be prorated.                 

 For more information contact Mike Straus our Publisher at 404-694-2208 or mike@westcobbmagazine.com


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