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Food & Wine – Vino Vixens Chicken Marsala – Nov. 09

Meet the Vino Vixens, they are just a couple of girls who live and play on Lake Allatoona. Nany and Michelle love to sip a little good vino and then let it inspire them to create some wonderful gourmet dishes. Starting in November, they are going to share some of their wonderful inspired recipes with our readers. In the near future, we will begin showing online videos as the start sipping and become more and more inspired to create some great dishes.

vino vixens 1

The VinoVixens: Nancy and Michelle

This month, they started out with a few bottles of a Marsala and a little chicken and you guessed it, a wonderful Chicken Marsala was the fruit of their labors. Its isn’t hard to prepare and is sure a wonderful dish for a cool fall evening.

vino vixens 2

Vixen's Chicken Marsala

vino vixens 3

In future issues, we will be presenting videos of the VinoVixens starting with as they select their wines and all the way through to the finished product. I just say their first video and it’s both informative and hillarious. I have a feeling that these Vino Vixens may give Diners, Dives and Drive Ins a run for their money as soon as they hit the air waves.

VV Recipe Card complete

 When they aren’t in the kitchen, their true love is Lake Allatoona and to learn what’s going on at the lake and where to find lake living and boating products and supplies, here’s a link to Georgia Lake View, the online magazine for Lake Allatoona.

Ga Lake View



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  1. Christine said, on December 1, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    The only thing better than the recipes are the Vino Vixens themselves. This site is awesome and fun !

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