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August Publisher’s Corner

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Mike Maybe,  you have been wondering what happened to West Cobb Magazine or where is the latest issue?  Well, we have gone green. For the past two months, we have been converting our format from a print magazine to a true online magazine and blog. In 2006, when we initially started publisihing, we started out as AroundMarsHill.com, but at that time online magazines were ahead of their times, but not today. More and more magazines and newspapers are going online.    Listen 2

 Click to listen To TODAY in KENNESAW, an original song commisioned by WC and recorded by Kennesaw’s own Roger Hurricane Wilson. Video by Burt Designs, LLC.


Aug CoverWC is the first digital online community magazine serving  Cobb County.  By this, I mean that  each issue will become a truly interactive blog style publication, not just a PDF of a print magazine put on a website like so many community magazine are doing.   WC will still contain all of the local content you’ve come to expect, but now we will also being adding  lots of hyperlinks, audio and video content, blog style replies to our articles, polls and hyperlinks on many articles and ads.  Throughout each issue, you can Click on all pictures and ads to make them large, click on hyperlinks to take you to videos, websites of our advertisers and a whole lit more. WC is a truly interactive online magazine. You can email the authors of articles by just clicking on their email address.  You will also be able to print anything in the magazine at home.

 Cover 230 x 300We published our first online issue in July and  will publish 12 issues per year, with each months issue post on the internet and emailed on Friday or Saturday of the  first full week of each month. August is Dtination Kennesaw in August and September is Destination Marietta. 

 One of the truly unique things about WC  vs. other web magazine is that it will be emailed monthly to our readers versus just waiting for them to visit our site. We currently have a list of over 15,000 op-in readers living in high income area of West Cobb. We also are scheduling 2-3 emails in the middle of each month to update readers on new dining reviews posted and new articles. If you are not getting email links to WC, just click here on our Subscribe Now link and fill out the information and you will be included in our email database.  Click to Subscribe to West Cobb Magazine by Email   

Some of the new content that we will be adding over the next few months includes: Friday Night Fever (High School Football), Coaches Corner Updates of the Past Weeks Games and Previews of the Upcoming Games by Area High School Coaches, Area Staycations, Reviews of Restaurants in Our Backyard and Restaurants Worth the Drive by noted Acworth restaurant blogger, John Bickford.

We will soon be introducing a number of new features including Rescipe Contents and Where to Find the Best Dining, Shopping and Travel Bargains. We will also be adding more audio and video content over the next few months.  If you have any ideas for other content areas or suggestions, please email me at mike@westcobbmagazine.com

If you are interested in advertising in WC (West Cobb Magazine.com), just Click Here For Advertising Information or contact Mike Straus, our Publisher at Mike@westcobbmagazine.com or call him at 404-694-2208.

West Cobb Magazine  is a publications of infoLoop Solutions, LLC. of Acworth, Ga. We publish WC  12 tines per year  online and will publish 3-4 print issues tied to events that we are a sponsor of. Each month, we email  15,000 + opt-in emails with a link to the magazine to affluent households in Acworth(30101), Kennesaw (30144, 30152), Marietta (30060, 30064), Powder Springs (30127) and Dallas (30132).

You must be 18 years or older to receive a digital copy of WC.com.  This information is so that we are able to maintain a subscriber database by area and be able to provide our advertisers with reader demographics. Our mailing list is opt-in and we do not sell it to any third parties. We will use it only for WC.com and our new sister publication, WestCobbWinners.com, which will debut later this summer.  

WC.com or West Cobb Magazine may not be reproduced without the express written consent of infoLoop Solutions, LLC.  West Cobb Magazine reserves the right to edit or reject any content or advertising and is not  responsible for the validity of claims made by  advertisers.  If you have any questions about the above, please contact Mike Straus, our publisher at Mike@westcobbmagazine.com.

Online Posting Etiquette. West Cobb Magazine.com  is about places to go, things to do and people to know in the West Cobb area. We are an informational lifestyle magazine. Personal attacks and offensive language aimed at businesses or other posters are not permitted. We do not allow posts about so called  “big picture” issues. There are myriad online forums for debating politics, ethics, and religion. West Cobb Magazine reserves the right to remove any information that we feel is not appropriate.

Visit WC as often as you like each month to find new restaurant reviews and features posted each week.

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