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Spiritual – Marlon Longacre – July

HUH? Moments by Marlon Longacre

Marlon 3And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek  im.”  Hebrews 11:6

The Bible says that faith is the only thing that pleases God.  Faith is like a multi-faceted diamond.  One facet of faith is trusting God when it doesn’t make sense.  It didn’t make sense that Abraham, at the age of 75, would leave his hometown where he was thriving to become a first-time dad.  It didn’t make sense for Noah to build a boat 500 miles from the closest body of water.  It didn’t make sense that a special needs child with a speech disorder named Moses would lead his people out of bondage.  It didn’t make sense that a ruddy little shepherd boy named David would be anointed King.

 It didn’t make sense that at the age of 35, with no seminary training, that God would call me into full-time ministry.  Most of what God has called me to do in ministry over the last 11 years hasn’t made sense.  I have been president of two business associations – and I have never owned my own business!   I have been in charge of concerts, festivals, mentoring programs, back to school cookouts for teachers, raising funds and awareness for a special needs ballpark and a veteran’s memorial.  I can honestly say that the ministry and the work I do now was never on my radar screen as I was planning what I wanted to do with my life.

On February 14, 1987 I gave my life to Jesus Christ.  On February 21, 1987 I was baptized at Green Acres Baptist Church in Smyrna, Ga.  That night I gave a speech without words.  With my baptism, I said I no longer wanted to go my way, but God’s way with my life.  The way I started the Christian life is the way I try my best to live it through faith and trust.  With each “Huh” moment or project that God calls me to do that doesn’t make sense, I just trust Him and grow that much closer to Him.  It has been an amazing journey learning to trust God and love Him more as I have watched Him provide for the ministry projects He has called me to do. 

Maybe some of you have been called by God to do something that doesn’t make sense.  A “huh” moment that made you freeze and wonder why in the world God would lay this on your heart.  My prayer is that you embrace those “Huh” moments and trust God’s plan for your life.  My prayer is for you to act in faith, seize the moment, and realize that God is using you to make a difference for His Kingdom. 

See You Next Month,


About the Author: Marlon Longacre has served as Pastor of Community Development for NorthStar Church since January 1999. Marlon’s primary responsibility is to make sure that NorthStar is the first call for help from anyone in the community. Marlon has served as President of the Acworth and Kennesaw Business Associations and is an active member of the North Cobb Rotary Club.  Additionally, Marlon was honored as the 1999 Cobb County Mentor of the Year, as well as 2000 Acworth Citizen of the Year. He has served as Chairman of the Big Shanty Festival twice, and has been the Chairman of the Love the Lake Concert Series for three years.

Marlon’s passions: “Serving the community – reminding people what a great God we serve, and what a great community we live in.”

He can be reached at marlon.longacre@northstarchurch.org .


If you have had your own HuH? Moments, we’d love to have you share them with the rest of our readers by posting them below.

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