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Dining Worth the Drive – Brunch at Pacci Ristorante – Atlanta

Brunch at Pacci Ristorante, Midtown, Atlanta  by Malika Harricharan

Pacci Ristorante Menus Pacci Ristorante Menus 

A couple weeks ago I had brunch at Pacci Ristorante which is located in the Palomar Hotel in Midtown. Full disclosure: I was invited to join some of the staff there along with some other bloggers for a brunch at Pacci. Upon entering, we were greeted by Emily and Alexis, our hostesses for the afternoon at Pacci.

Pacci Dining Room Pacci Dining Room 

Our festivities began with a Bloody Mary, as most good brunches do. And this was a damn good Bloody Mary with thoughtful details like a funky colored grape tomato and a pickle wrapped in a salami. You’re not likely to find these at those other bottomless bloody mary brunch joints.

Pacci Bloddy Mary Pacci Bloddy Mary 

Pacci currently has a special going on through remainder of August. If you order off their Scramble Gamble menu, they’ll flip you for the bill. If lady luck is on your side, you are in for a free brunch. This deal is per person, NOT per table. This menu is made up of eggs, pancakes, frittatas and the like – most of the dishes are meat free and range in price from $8 to $12.

A couple days before the brunch, I tried to view the menu online, but it still isn’t up. So, while I have a copy of the Scramble Gamble menu, I’ll do my best to describe the remaining elements of their regular brunch / lunch menu at Pacci.

Pacci Crab Benedict Pacci Crab Benedict 

Their brunch menu consists of the usual suspects, pancakes, omelettes, steak and eggs as well a mix of salads and entrees that are suitable for someone just wanting lunch. I honed in on the Wagyu Steak and Eggs right away. And, ordinarily Glen would order something different in order for us to sample different dishes, but it just sounded so good he went for it too. Now, some of the other guests ordered the crab benedict and the burger, but the Wagyu was by far the most popular dish on this Saturday afternoon.

Pacci Burger Pacci Burger 

Never having heard of Wagyu beef before I had to do some research on this beef. Turns out is somewhat similar to Kobe beef. It is an incredibly succulent meat with intense marbling. Wagyu steak comes from Wagyu cattle from Japan. In fact, the word Wagyu is derived from two words: “wa” meaning Japanese, and “gyu” meaning cattle. Similar to Kobe cattle, Wagyu live an extremely pampered life. The main difference is the Kobe cattle are distinctly from the Kobe region in Japan whereas Wagyu can be raised anywhere. Still hungry for more info on Wagyu, find it here.

Pacci Wagyu Steak and Eggs Pacci Wagyu Steak and Eggs 

The Wagyu meal comes with eggs, toast and salad. I would have preferred hash browns instead of toast, but I didn’t even touch my toast, so I guess that is really a moot point. So, how was the Wagyu? It was simply delicious. Cooked perfectly, the pesto sauce drizzled above it was superb.

It was so delicious, I nearly forgot there were eggs with my meal. Well, that and the fact that the eggs were hiding under my toast. I really dig the rectangular plates at Pacci, but I just wish mine had been a bit larger so as not to have to stack the items. I know it is a small thing, but still worth mentioning. Even the small salad that came with my meal was tasty. What I still can’t figure out is, given how much Wagyu costs, how they can charge so little for this meal? The entree cost was somewhere between $15 and $18.

Pacci Gnocchi Pacci Gnocchi 

Our hostesses wanted for us to try some other regular dishes like the bolognese and gnocchi. While I loved the bolognese, I think the gnocchi would have been better without the cheese on it. There seemed to be a sage sauce on the gnocchi which gave it a slightly sweet flavor which would have been fine on its own, the cheese detracted from it, in my opinion.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without dessert. Our gracious hostesses, Emily and Alexis ordered one each of the desserts for us to sample. Again not having a menu as a cheat sheet, I cannot remember the exact names of the desserts, but I know we sampled a chocolate cake (Emily’s favorite), a peach bread pudding, and a dessert trio consisting of a mini tiramisu and a couple other tasty tiramisu-esque sweets (my favorite).

Pacci Dessert Trio Pacci Dessert Trio 

As an aside, the coffee was excellent. This may seem like a small detail, but to me, coffee is an important part of the meal, especially when that meal is brunch. And the meal itself was very robust and filling. It really stuck to my ribs – didn’t eat dinner until 10 PM that night.

Hotel Palomar\'s Alto Rex Lounge Hotel Palomar’s Alto Rex Lounge 

We also visited Alto Rex, the upstairs lounge overlooking the streets of Midtown. It was pretty, but I feel certain it must be experienced during the evening to be fully appreciated. I definitely plan on a return visit, for both dinner and the nighttime Alto Rex experience. I hear they serve munchies at Alto Rex for those not wanting to indulge in a full meal.

866 W Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

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