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Marietta – Destination Marietta 2009

Destination Marietta



This second annual Destination Marietta issue features lots of interesting articles about the City of Marietta,  a city rich in history and full of promise for the future. 







 MARIETTA 2009  by  Jonathan Worley

September 2009- The City of Marietta is the county seat of Cobb County.  It’s where the court buildings are located, and it’s where the County government is housed. The City of Marietta is also where the historic Marietta Square is located with all its restaraunts, quaint shops, 3 theaters and multiple museums.  Basicaly, its the hub and the happening city in Cobb County. Many people say that it is the bridge between East, West and South Cobb.

 CBS_4058Probably the most notable thing recently was the restoration of the Strand Theatre on the Marietta Square. After several years of deliberating over the Strand, work finally began on its restoration. On 5 December 2008 the newly renamed Earl Smith Strand Theatre opened with its first performance being “Beauty and the Beast”. It has been met with much success since then. Now the Atlanta Lyric Theatre is going to be performing exclusively at the Strand for the next five years. Currently, the Will Roger’s Follies is playing at the Strand.

 An important concern for the City if Marietta is the condition of its parks. Burruss Park on South Cobb Dr., for instance, was plagued with vagrants and people seeking some “alone time” with each other and all sorts of mishaps. Now the park has been cleared of any brush that might serve to conceal anyone who might be hiding there and was given trails for walking, running and biking. When all the work was done the park reopened in early August with a special event having Marietta Mayor Bill Dunaway and Cobb Chairman Sam Olens competing in a Bicycle race. Similar work was also done to Wildwood Park on Barclay Cir. as well.

Another innovative activity were the Help Weed Out Franklin Road Crime gatherings the occurred at various locations on Franklin Rd. throughout August which were meant to raise crime awareness on Franklin Road in a casual environment showing residents all the tools used by law enforcement for fighting crime. Attendants also got to meet police officers and afterwards there was a “movie night” event where a movie was shown.

Marietta is also the arts capital of Cobb County with its three theaters and  7 museums located on or just the Square. Make sure to read our articles on the Marietta’s Thearte in the Square and its wonderful collection of museums.

Each year there are a number of regular festivals and activites help on the Square that draw thousands of people from throughout Cobb and the entire Atlanta metro area. Among the regular events the Marietta Square hosts are the annual Taste of Marietta – the last weekend of April, the first Friday Art Art Walks, the Art in the Park Festival on Labor Day Weekend and the Marietta Street Festival on September 19. All these annual events plus regular outdoor concerts in Glover Park make the City of Marietta an exciting county seat and hub for all of Cobb County. 

If you didn’t know it, the is the 175th anniversary of the City of Marietta.

 Marietta Welcome CenterTo learn more about what going on at the Marietta Square you can drop in at the Marietta Welcome Center located in the historic Marietta Depot , go to their website at http://www.mariettasquare.com    or  call them at 770-429-1115 or or 800-835-0445

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