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Let Laser Transform Your Face by  Ruth Elsbree

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Would you consider a magnifying mirror to be a friend? How about first thing in the morning?  If you’re one of the many, many people who hesitate to see your skin up close and personal, you might be glad to know about an uncomplicated method to improve your skin’s appearance. Enhanced skin rejuvenation using laser technology can transform your appearance.  

Laser Helps Transform Your Face

Specially calibrated laser light transmits energy into the layers of the skin which tightens the surface of your skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This happens because the laser stimulates collagen development in the skin. Collagen is the tissue that supports skin from underneath, so the stronger the collagen the healthier your skin looks. 

In addition, laser evens out skin pigmentation. If you have age spots or sun damage, the darker spots in your skin absorb the laser light energy and the pigment is dispersed, making the spots fade away.  

And what about those small veins that can sometimes be seen around the nose? Laser also takes these away, most often in just one treatment. Once again, the color of the blood in those veins absorbs the laser energy which causes the blood to dry out, and the veins disappear. What people may feel when they are treated for facial veins is a quick pin prick sensation as the laser passes over a vein.

Laser Also Eliminates Spider Veins

Now if you’re wondering if you can get rid of small veins on other areas of your body, the answer is yes. Veins that have a thread-like appearance usually respond very well to laser treatment. Many people find these veins especially embarrassing when they appear on the legs. Usually these will go away in one or two treatments. 

“I Feel So Much Better About Myself”

While laser treatment for skin rejuvenation and spider veins is usually not covered by insurance, patients often find the expense of the treatment is worth the cost because of the self-confidence they gain. The whole world feels friendlier when you feel good about yourself. 

Even though standard insurance coverage does not pay for aesthetic laser procedures, patients who have Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) with their insurance companies are almost always able to pay for the treatments using these funds, especially when the treatments are performed in a doctor’s office. Since people lose the money in these accounts if it goes unused, laser treatments are worth considering as a way to make sure you take advantage of the money you have available to you.  

Caution: Choose Your Laser Treatment Center Carefully

Although most laser treatments are completed without any problems, some patients have experienced burns from improper treatment. In Georgia, the certification requirements for technicians performing laser treatments are loose. Your best protection for the safest treatment is to make sure a medical doctor will be on the premises when you have your treatment done.

About the Author:

Ruth Elsbree manages Renew Aesthetic Laser Care which is located at WellStar Cornerstone Family Medicine. For more information about laser treatment, call 678-354-0455. Website

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