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People to Know – Alen Stensland, The Bleacher Creature

bleacher creature 

ALEN   STENSLAND – The Bleacher Creature

It’s not easy being green!  The famous philosopher – Kermit the Frog, once lamented that, It’s not easy being green!  Trying being 18 years old, bright green, over 6 ft tall and looking like a rug with an Atlanta Brave hat on.  That’s was my alter ego when I was a teenager, working for the Atlanta Braves as the costumed Mascot, The Bleacher Creature. This of course pre-dated Wookies and even winning Seasons for the Braves. I can’t complain – there was lot’s of free Baseball, met lot’s of good friends and my wife, can you believe she married a creature.

 The memorable things beyond the exhaustive heat, really funky smell  inside an extremely hot costume (did I mention the heat) include two interactions with Braves Managers.  The first was when a the new owner of the team, his initials are Ted Turner, was walking through the Press Box while I had homework spread all over a table duding the game. He asked if I was doing integral calculus – I looked down and remark that as a matter of fact I was.  He walked over, picked my book up (upside down to him), remarked well I be damned, turned and walked on.  The second was when the Director of Player Personnel “caught” me in the same situation, only this was a physics project and it was spread over two tables.  Mr. Davis came over and asked if I was doing homework on his time? I figured I was busted so I gave the only answer possible, yep !  He told me good, to keep at it, graduate, get out into the community and pay them back for supporting me through College.  I hope Mr. Davis (who passed away soon after I left the Braves) would consider, a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech, 9 Years as a Cub Master, 12 + years in Scouting, celebrated our 27 th wedding anniversary, 3 Eagle Scout Sons at Georgia Tech (they may graduate too, pray for us !!), volunteer with Cobb Symphony Orchestra, etc as an honest attempt to meet his challenge!

 It’s not easy being Green, but it’s sure been fun and interesting trying to !!!  Alen and his wife are long time residents of West Cobb.

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