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Christmas at the Avenue

Christmas at  Avenue West Cobb

 by Greg Grogan     

If unsure of the time of year, then one look at the Avenue of West Cobb will give you all the clues you need.  There are red ornaments at the entrance off Dallas Highway.  Pier One, Claire’s and other stores have green and red decorations in their windows, and Chico’s has silver Christmas trees at their front door.  Even the reindeer, standing guard over their watering spots, are now sporting red and gold bowties.  There’s a slight chill in the air, but the holiday season is heating up at the Avenue of West Cobb.

 Located at 3625 Dallas Highway, the Avenue quickly became a landmark in west Cobb.  Many a direction is given with the starting question, “Do you know the Avenue of West Cobb?  It’s the place with all the stores and restaurants.”

I visited there on a Friday evening.  Scores of shoppers were already filling the stores and parking lot.  I remember last year the traffic was heavy and the stores were bustling.  This year seems to be off to a fast start and picking up right where last year left off.  I rambled through the stores and worked my way in to see the very busy Hazel Payne.  Hazel is the Property Management Assistant whose office is located in a hidden corner of the complex.  She told me that there are many activities planned for the holiday season, including a visit from Santa Claus on Wednesdays from 3:00 in the afternoon until 7:00.  There will be horse drawn carriage rides around the stores as well.     

I also ventured into Barnes and Noble book store.  I met with Grace Carver who is works in the children’s section of the store.  She informed me of the children’s story time she orchestrates at 11:00 on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Barnes and Noble is also Santa’s stomping ground if the winter weather gets too nasty.  Grace also told me that on December 2nd and December 5th the store will be having a special “Polar Express” story time to kick off the season.

 After thanking Grace for her time, I strolled down to a new store called “The Whimsical Nest.”  From outside of the store you are invited in by the holiday fixtures by the entrance.  Once inside you find a treasure of Christmas and Thanksgiving crafts and gifts.  Being lazy, I found the metal Christmas trees very appealing.  The thought of not cleaning up needles or ornaments made for great daydreaming as I took in all the sights of the store.  I couldn’t resist when I found ornaments that were small fairies.  I have two daughters that are currently fascinated with anything even remotely resembling a fairy, so I purchased one for each.  Jeanne Olsen, the lady putting up with me that day, took time out of her day to talk with me and wrap my gifts.  I was especially impressed with her selection of ribbon that matched the fairies’ dresses.           

A healthy walk around the complex, and a few more dashes to satisfy whatever caught my eye, and I was ready to depart.  I have no doubt you can find whatever you need for Christmas at the Avenue of West Cobb.    I found most of what I needed in one trip, but that won’t stop me from making many more!

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