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Dine Out – Soba Bar and Bistro – East Cobb

Soba Bar and Bistro by Malika Harricharan

September 25 – Soba Bar and Bistro is exactly what East Cobb needed in the exact location it needed it. There are not many non-chain restaurants in East Cobb, and even less with superior decor, food and service. Open for about 2 years, Soba is a freestanding building located off of Piedmont Rd near Roswell Road in the Publix Shopping center just across the street from the YMCA. Soba’s cuisine is Asian – with an offering of sushi, chinese and thai.

Bar at Soba Bar at Soba 

Stepping inside Soba Bar and Bistro, you would never know that it once housed El Toro restaurant. The restaurant has been completely transformed. Gone are any traces of a chain Mexican restaurant, replaced by beautifully appointed furnishings and several semi-private dining areas, perfect for groups or couples.

We were seated at a booth, but due to the proximity of a family with a screaming baby we chose to move to a more private area. Seriously people, do you really need to be told it is rude to have your screaming kid at a nice restaurant after 8 pm on a Friday night? But I digress…the staff was super friendly about us wanting to move.

Soba Pork Dumplings Soba Pork Dumplings 

Much happier with out new seating arrangements, we perused the menu. Torn between the calamari and the pork dumplings, we chose the dumplings as it was the healthier option (not being fried). The six dumplings came out shortly and were extremely tasty. It is a perfect appetizer for two to share.

Soba Firecracker Shrimp Soba Firecracker Shrimp 

I ordered the firecracker shrimp which to me is close to a Szechwan shrimp. And Glen, although a little skeptical, ordered the tuna steak. Having not eaten here before, we weren’t sure how fresh the fish would be, but the tuna was done perfectly. The pink center was just right, not to mention what a generous portion it was.

Soba Tuna Soba Tuna 

We finished the evening with the Xango Cheesecake. This is cheesecake wrapped in wonton-like substance and drizzles with lemon, raspberry and chocolate sauce. The plating was absolutely beautiful. Although I was pretty full at this point, it was totally worth it.

Our server was helpful, friendly and efficient the entire night, making great recommendations. He may have been a little green (perhaps this is his first server job) but his eagerness to please made the service completely enjoyable. Entrees are prices modestly under $20 and there are beer and wine specials even on a weekend night. Overall, Soba Bar and Bistro is a great find in East Cobb.

Soba Bar and Bistro                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1060 E Piedmont Rd NE
Marietta, GA 30062
770 971 1888

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