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Dine Out – Dave Poe’s BBQ – Marietta

An Old Friend with a New Name

 by Mike Straus

If you have never heard of Dave Poe’s  BBQ and are wondering what’s the story about this new place, worry no more. Dave Poe’s BBQ is the former West Cobb location of Sam & Dave’s BBQ2.  About a year ago, Sam Huff and Dave Poe, the owners of Sam & Dave’s BBQ1 and  Sam & Dave’s BBQ2 decided to split up. Sam took the East Cobb BBQ1 and Dave took the West Cobb location on Whitlock Avenue.  The place looks about the same as does the menu except for a few new sides. You will even find the original bench from their BBQ1 location still siting out in front.

When you walk into this little jewel located in an older strip center on Whitlock right behind a Waffle House, the first thing you will notice is a wall full of BBQ trophies. Tha’s because Dave Poe started out as a competion cooker as well as working with his father’s BBQ catering business.

After passing throgh the  hallway line with all their trophis, you arrive at the couner where you will place your order. Behind the counter area is their kitchen where they cook the sides and put together the BBQ orders. They cook their BBQ in large wood fired smokers located behind the main kitchen, All the meats are cooked for over 12 hour in the old fashioned wood pit style.  This is why it is so good for Dave Poe has grown up knowing how to cook real Southern pit BBQ.

 Their menu offers your BBQ basics, pulled pork, pulled chicken, ribs (both Baby Back and Kansas City), beef brisket and beef short ribs. My favorites are the pulled pork sandwich, the KC ribs (the larger ones) and the beef brisket. Many people feel that their beef brisket is the in all of Atlanta,

This afternoon, I decided to go with a pulled pork lunch special which includes a pork sandwich, fries and your drink for $7.45. You cah also order the lunch special with a beef brisket sandwich or a pulled chicken sandwich. My pork sandwich had large pieces of pull pork with a perfectly smoked flavor. They top off their pork sandwichs with a couple of pickles. The meat is slow cooked with a dry rub on it. It is so moist and tender that you almost don’t need any sauce on it. I used a little of their sauce which is fairly mild and light. Eatting one of their pork sandwichs makes you remember what great barbeque is. They don’t chop it up, but just pull it from the pork butts that are slowly smoked in house for over 12 hours.

Among their sides, my favorite is their macaroni and cheese. They use big noodles like you find in wide noodles not your typical small one you find at most BBQ joints. Iit is too die for, and if you have high cholestoral you may literaly die from it for it is so rich, creamy and has mucho cheese.

There is nothing fancy about their dining room, but it sure is some of the best BBQ that you will find anywhere in Marietta. The one major change that has been made since it became, Dave Poe’s is that they have added a banquet room next door that can handle mid sized groups. In addition to serving in their restaurant you can order all the items on the menu for takeout and they also do full service catering for parties of all sizes. Recently they prepared a BBQ dinner for the U.S. Senate.

If you are looking for somewhere in West Cobb with real tradional style pit cooked BBQ, head over to Dave Poe’s BBQ and you won’t be disappointed. If you’ve never been before tell them that West Cobb Magazine sent you.

Dave Poe’s BBQ
660 Whitlock Ave NW
Marietta, GA 30064
(770) 792-2272
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