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Drink it your way with the new Coca-Cola Freestyle 100+ flavors

freestyle 7If you are looking for something fun to do with the family or if you’r just a soft drink nut like me, you’ve go to see the newest soft drink dispenser from Coca-Cola, the Coca-Cola Freestyle. There are a number of these space age look soft drink dispensers in test throughout Atlanta and there is one right in the middle of West Cobb at the Burger King at Dallas Highway and Barret Parkway. These shinny silver space age looking touch  screen soft drink vending machines over you the choice of 100+ diffenent variations of your favorite Coca-Cola brands.

 You can chose an old favorite like a Coke or a Diet Coke or be adventurous and try a something like a Rashbery Coke, an Orange Diet Coke or a Sprite with Peach. The variations are endless for you and mix up the flavors using the touch screens to create your own or the kids own special flavors.  Best of all they don’t charge any more to mix and match, so for very little money you can plan a really fun outing for the kids or the young at heart. 


 freestyle diet cokefreestyle 3 






 freestyle fanta

freestyle  poweade.jpg minute maid 






freestyle  poweade


freestyle 4








If you really want to see lots of pictures and learn more about this fun soft drink dispenser of the future go to their Facebook page. Click Here

 Click here for a complete list of brands and flavors

Click here for a complete list of locations

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