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Food & Wine – Gabriel’s Desserts

 Gabriel’s, the well-known “bake shop” owned by Johnnie Gabriel has become something of a Marietta institution.  Johnnie, who is oft-touted as the cousin of Paula Deen, is equally famous as far as Marietta is concerned.  Happily settled in a new, larger location, Gabriel’s fluctuates between steadily busy and jam-packed throughout the day in both their restaurant and the bakery up front.

 They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday- Saturday.  The menu is a combination of sandwichs, salads, fresh vegtables, rotisherie chicken and a limited number of comfort food entrees. While the food is good home cooked style, it is their cakes and pasteries that have built their reputation. Many feel that it is one of the best bakeries in all of Atlanta.

Browsing the Gabriel’s pastry case is always a feast for the eyes.  Gabriel shares, “You eat with your eyes, not just your taste buds, and it is the ultimate compliment for a baker to hear that something they baked tastes as good as it looks.”  

White ladies, a chocolate cake layered and iced with white chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate shavings is popular among Gabriel’s customers and is available in both a full-sized cake, small cakes  and an individual-sized portion.  Making three sizes of their pastries is a newer service at the shop.  Gabriel says, “We’re making the smaller cake to fit the market.  It fits people’s budgetary needs, and it is easier for people to come in and enjoy a small amount right in the shop.” 

Gabriel shares that one of her favorite concoctions is the tiramisu, which she makes the authentic Italian way: with a real mascarpone cheese filling.  But the ultimate customer favorite has to be Gabriel’s strawberry cake.  A yellow cake with fresh strawberries baked into the batter and the icing, the cakes fly of the shelves; particularly during the holidays. 

Duuring your holiday party circuit this season, it is quite likely that you will enjoy a Red Velvet Cake, Yule Log, or Pumpkin Pie from Gabriel’s.  The shop’s kitchen manager, Rolando Garcia said that they receive so many Christmas orders that the kitchen operates 24-hours a day between December 1st and the 24th.  It sounds like the word is already out on Gabriel’s.

They also make beautifyl wedding cakes and other custom cakes for special occations as well as offer full service catering.
Gabriel’s Desserts
800 Whitlock Avenue
Suite 135
Marietta, GA  30064
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