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Search for a “Real Sandwich” by Mike Straus

If you ask me what’s my favorite thing for lunch, I’ll quickly answer a sandwich. I grew up in New York City and have always enjoyed a “Real Sandwich”  You may think that I am only referring to deli sandwiches, but when I grew up you could get a “Real Sandwich” at a deli, coffee shop or sandwich shop and even a great many restaurants and drug stores. Then came the birth of fast food in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s and with the birth of the Big Mac, Subway, etc. the “Real Sandwich” was soon something relegated to Deli’s and lunch boxes.

When I talk about wanting a “Real Sandwich”, I not talking about a Subway, one from the Atlanta Bread Company, a Big Mac or a Chick-Fil-A.  I am referring to the kind of sandwich that I grew up with where you chose the type of bread (not just sub or hoagie buns), meat, cheese and condiments and then they make it. How about a Roast Beef with lettuce and tomato on rye with mayo or a ham and cheese.

Today in the West Cobb area, I find it hard to find a “Real Sandwich”, so to kick the New Year off, I decided to search for places that offer more than just one or two types of sandwiches and to my surprise I was able to find a bunch of great options right in the West Cobb area. Here are my favorites and all offer at least a half dozen different types.   

Gabriel’s  Desserts and Sandwich’s is one of Atlanta’s best bakeries and now in their new large location they offer a wide range of sandwiches and fresh vegetables. The breads are all fresh and they have a large sandwich menu with all the tradionall ham, roast beef and turkey sandwiches, plus lots of great combinations and some of their own very cleaver combos. If you’re still hungry don’t forget about their killer cakes, which you can now order by the slice or get a mini one. My favorite is the Fresh Strawberry Cake.   (770) 427-9007, 800 Whitlock Ave NW, Marietta., Website   

The Big City Deli is the first true deli in West Cobb.  Yes, this is a real deli in a former dry cleaners and they even offer outdoir dning on a small patio.  Their menu offers a wide variety of sandwiches with all your typical deli meats as well as Chicago Vienna Dogs, Brats, Polish and Italian Sausages. All their meats and cheeses are the highest quality. Their meats are also available for purchase by the slice or by the pound. They offer all the traditional sides you’d find at any deli. One of our favorite sides are their hot homemade potato chips If you are looking for a great sandwich and want lots of choices, go visit Jay and his super friendly staff at the Big City Deli on Cobb Parkway in  Kennesaw.  They are open from 11am-9pm on Monday – Thursday and till 10pm on Friday and Saturday. 3061-A Jim Owens Road Kennesaw, GA 30101 (770) 975-9237, www.thebigcitydeli.com 

Great Harvest Bread is best know for their wonderful baked daily onsite 100% Whole Grain Breads using Montana milled wheat. Well that’s not the only thing that’s great at the Great Harvest. They offer a wonderful menu of sandwiches all on their home baked breads. They have all your standards and then some. If it’s the bread that makes the sandwich for you, this is definitely a place you need to put on your must visit list. 3894 Due West Rd NW, Marietta, GA 30064, www.freeslices.com 


The Daily Grind is primarily a coffee shop and a good one at that, but last fall owner Matt Sellors added a few really good deli sandwich to their menu. All are made just the way a “Real Sandwich” is supposed to with your choice of bread,meat, cheese and condiments. While their menu is not a extensive as some places, they do offer ham, turkey, roast beef, chicken salad and tuna salad as well a club. I particularly like their sour dough bread. So, if you’re looking in the Avenues area and want a good sandwich to go along with the free Wi-Fi and great coffee, try the Daily Grind. 3960 Mary Eliza Trce NW Ste 1, Marietta, (770) 422-9480, www.dailygrindunwind.com

The deli in all Publix Supermarkets offers the largest selection of “Real Sandwiches” and custom made sandwich trays all  with both Boors Head Meats andf their own house brand. If you just want a big thick sandwich to take out and don ‘t care about the atmosopher tyy any of the Publix in-store delis. They have a wonderful selection of premium Boors Head meats as well as the house brand in  all sorts of flavors. West Cobb is full of large Publix stores and so while this may not be what you were thinking about it is one of my favorite placers to pickup a great sandwich and they will make it your way and besides the large selection of meats they also have lots of different chesses to go along with the oid standbys. One thing that we use Publix Deli for is to put together their great sandwich trays, You can orde4r trays with sandwiches just the way you want them. Multiple locations through out West Cobb.


 Please post your favorite places to get a “Real Sandwich”




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