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Fashion – July



by Elaine Stowers                                                                 

 DoncasterHow would you like to wake up every day knowing your closet contained a wardrobe that suited your lifestyle and was flattering to you in every way?  Can you imagine no more sighs and groans as you survey a clothing landscape hopelessly filled….often to the point of explosion with all but the right pieces?  How often do you buy, impulsively, emotionally, irrationally…only to find those garments still hanging…tags still attached, lonely and unloved?  These are your “Ghosts of Shopping Trips Past”.

I was recently speaking with a friend at the local YMCA.  She was telling me about a great “deal” she had gotten on a blouse about a year ago. Sadly, the blouse was still in her closet…never worn, never enjoyed.  I nodded knowingly as I have heard this story far too often.  I responded that no matter what she had paid, that one garment was the most expensive item in her closet. For you see, the value in any item inevitably comes down to a cost vs. wear ratio.  The French have long known this. French women know that one beautiful, enduring coat, bag, dress…whatever….is worth the cost of ten lesser quality items.  The wearer will reap the rewards of enjoyment long after the sting of the price tag has been forgotten.  She will dress with confidence knowing the integrity of the garment. It will have beautiful construction, fine fabric, designer detailing and timeless style. Trends may come and go, but this woman will always look chic and well dressed.

As a Fashion Consultant, this is my sincere goal for every client. With the right guidance and planning, every woman CAN and SHOULD feel beautiful- confident that her ensemble is absolutely appropriate and absolutely fabulous.  A fashion consultant will  be able to help her client decide on her own personal best look and help her get the most bang for the buck in the following ways:  

1). Style- A consultant should help you determine a look that is age and body appropriate…for you and you alone.  She can see you through new eyes and provide a vision of what “could be”.

 2.  Fit-Your consultant will help you with any figure challenges that you might face. No matter your size you can look wonderful. We’ve all witnessed Oprah’s weight fluctuations over the years.  But, I have never seen her ONCE…even at her HEAVIEST, when she didn’t look perfectly put together, and honestly, beautiful a at any weight.

 3) Planning-Rather than a closet full of “stuff”… a consultant can work with you on  ” needs”.  Depending on your lifestyle, you may need only a few items to add punch and a current look to your wardrobe. On the other hand, if your basics are worn and in need of replacement, she should help you replenish those as well.

 4)  It’s All About You-When working with a consultant, her focus is on you. No more crowded malls and finding a different “saleslady” (if you can even find one)!  Your time with your consultant is  totally about you. She should advise you on everything from fit to color to accessories….She should also make recommendations about alterations. Almost any garment can go from “good” to “perfect” with some slight tailoring.

 5.  Efficiency-After working with a consultant, she will  know your likes, dislikes, colors, sizes, etc.  She can make pre-selections before you even arrive making the shopping experience simpler and much more time efficient.

 6)  Service-Perhaps the most important part of any good client-consultant relationship will rest on this cornerstone.  There should be mutual respect and trust between both parties.   Recognize  that you are both working toward the same goal.   It  goes without saying….any item should be returnable if it is not exactly what you works for you.               

7) Budget-We all must strive, now more than ever,  to not put a strain on the pocketbook – and your consultant will respect  your budget   Still, one thoughtfully purchased item is worth a  dozen mistakes. As Julia Roberts said so poignantly In Steel Magnolias: “I’d  rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”

About the Author: Elaine Stowers is a West Cobb resident, who has been a fashion consultant for Doncaster Wardrobe Consultant for the past 6  years. She maybe reached at  elaine_stowers@bellsouth.net or 404- 401-0277.

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