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Home Based Business Ideas – February

A Cobb Couple’s Business is Going to the Dogs by Bonnie Hall

In this time when more people are scrambling to find work or create a niche home-based business, this West Cobb couple’s business has literally gone to the dogs.  For Jeff and Amy Luce it’s all about making dog treats that are wholesome enough that they can be said to be “Human tested and dog approved.”  With this being said local dogs find the Bark & Beg treats so tasty that they refuse to share with their owners.

Jeff and Amy grew up around dogs filled with the joy and comfort that pets can bring and then as adults realized that their dogs required nutritious food and all natural treats so that they could live longer and healthier lives.

When asked how it all started the couple replied, “It was when our daughter decided to make biscotti for our 2 Beagles, Dodger and Lucy.  We had extra biscotti so we shared them with our friends; who raved that their dogs loved them.  This gave us the idea to make different flavored dog treats and make them all natural.  We gave our exciting new treats out and we got requests for more.  As a result, Bark & Beg was born.”

Treats are designed and created with special occasions and holidays in mind, such as, birthdays and wedding cakes, holiday cookies, gourmet biscuits, and much more.  Most of the treats are made to order, with only the best ingredients available, all natural and preservative free.  Safflower oil is used in the treats because it helps to control shedding, is great for the skin, and is an all natural preservative.

The couple is utilizing on-line advertising at www.barkbeg.com and direct order to promote these healthy, tasty treats as well as catering special events for West Cobb’s  canine friends.

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