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Christmas – Deck the Halls with Beautiful Garland

 Christmas Decorating Tips

By Jan Britt

Holidays can be full of fun, excitement and creativity. December can be a very busy time. There is so much to celebrate. It is the perfect time to do special crafts, cooking or decorating together with family and friends.

Red, burgundy and green are the common Christmas colors, although many other colors are used as well. The nice part about Christmas is that you do not have to worry about the red and green colors clashing with your normal everyday décor. However, it is exceptionally nice if you are able to purchase Christmas decorations that match your everyday color palate. Your Christmas garland will help you to display the colors that are special to you during the holidays. It is common to see at least two different styles of garland. The fresh garland that has a wonderful smell and the artificial garland you purchase at the store. I want to give you decorating ideas on how to create artificial garland to look high-end.

Artificial garland placed on staircases or mantels should look full and beautiful.

To create a beautiful full garland in an inexpensive way, braid three or more garlands together loosely. Please make sure you pull apart and pull open each little branch before you wrap one length of garland loosely around the other garland. 

When placing your garland on your staircase area you will need to know how much garland is required and where to attach it to look nice. Take a string, ribbon or rope and tape it to the staircase railing in the desired areas to make the drooping of the garland look even.
Try to make the spacing consistent. Using the string and tape will help you visually see where the garland will be placed. After you are happy with the placement areas on your railing that you marked, put little pieces of masking tape on those spots. Take the string down and measure the string. This measurement will tell you how long your garland will need to be. You can connect one garland length to another by wiring it or by twisting its little branches or “arms” together. Now you have one long length of garland. It should be the same length of the string. If there is any excess garland cut it off when you’re finished.

Now, add your lights around the garland (if you desire lights). If you are planning to use lights around your garland make sure you have the end of the lights close to the electrical outlet. Sometimes an extension cord is needed to reach electrical outlets safely. Be very careful with all electrical cords especially if you have children or pets.

One way to attach your garland to the staircase rail or banister is to use fishing line or long twisty ties. You can connect bread or garbage bag ties together to make a long connection of wire.

Wrap the long twisty tie or fishing line around the garland at your marked or taped spots. Twist or tie it in place tight. Take some of the short little green branches from the top and bottom of the garland and cover over the twisty ties or fishing line to hide it. Now it is time to add the accessories or ornaments. You can wire ribbon, ornaments, flowers, artificial fruit or special collectables into the garland. Try to be consistent in the placement of these items on your garland. Make sure to remember to take the tape off of the staircase rail that marked the spot where your garland should be placed.

 Enjoy your decorating with others. You will be making special memories. Decorating can give you a sense of accomplishment. Decorating for the holidays can make you feel better about yourself and the ones you love.


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 About the Author: Jan Britt, is owner of Jan Britt Interiors in Marietta. She  is an interior decorator and a professional home stager. She teaches at Kennesaw State University and has appeared on HGTV. She may be reached at  www.ecorate@decoratewithjan.com or (404)510-3636 or go to her website at ww.decoratewithjan.com.  Her new show, Staging Pros will be airing in Cobb on Comcast Channel 25 in the near future

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