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Imagine, My Own Staging TV Show

by Jan Britt

Britt 2I feel honored to be chosen to be a host on a new Comcast/Zeel TV  show called Staging Pro’s.  The crew from Zeel TV and I already went to the homeowner’s house a few weeks ago to check it out.  I went through the house and gave Jean the homeowner staging ideas to help sell her and her husband’s house faster.  Because of my experience not only as an interior decorator but also a professional stager I can transform each room of her house into a house that the majority of the Marietta and Atlanta’s population would love.  Staging a house is about illusion  and detail while doing it on a budget.

 There are many other minor changes I am planning to do after the walls are painted. Going from the current dark colors to a new neutral color on the wall isBritt 2 - repainted going to give the illusion of more square footage.

   I set a date to go shopping to purchase the items that we needed to make the house look attractive and professionally staged.  I decided to go to Old Time Pottery to shop for our staging supplies because I could find many of the items I need within one store.  Other places I go to find reasonably priced items to stage a home are Garden Ridge, Wal-mart, Big Lots, T J Max and most stores that have a clearance section in the store.  I needed a few more pictures in the master bedroom with the color palate we already have established. The pictures have to have the same colors within the picture that the room has to help promote the “wow” factor.  When you shop you really need to take a small measuring tape with you if you are planning to purchase any artwork for the house.  We measured the pictures in the store to make sure they would fit both horizontally and vertically in the rooms that we needed pictures. 

One way to save money is I will be able to take some of Jean’s pictures that she has at home and hang them in a variety of places where they are needed.  Bright colored plates or chargers can be used as a form of a picture or art work to be used on top of the cupboard.  This added height and color will brighten up the kitchen especially if you have had to remove wall paper bright colored paint in the room.  Other items other than pictures you can use to brighten up the kitchen are window treatments and attractive accessories with the same color palate the room has.  We found everything on our list and we were ready to check out and go home. 

Soon the house will be painted and I will be coming back to hang the pictures and complete the staging project.  The staging will begin!  I will keep you updated as the staging show progresses.

Before Painting – dark colors on the walls and a closed in feeling

Britt 1

Britt 3 







After Painting – Going from the dark colors to a new neutral color on the wall gives  the illusion of more square footage

Britt 1 repainted

Britt 3 - repainted 







AJan Britt Headshotbout the Author:  Jan Britt is a Marietta based interior designer with 20 years of  experience in the field.  She currently teaches Interior Decorating at Kennesaw State and has appeared on HGTV for 2 years.  She may be reached at 404-510-3636 or by email at decorate@decoratewithjan.com.  Her website is www.decoratewithjan.com.


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