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Dine Out- Marietta Fish Market (John Bickford)

Marietta Fish Market

by John Bickford

Marietta Fish Market has brought Gus Tselios and his family of restaurants full circle. With this addition in December 2008, Mr. Tselios has satisfied our need for Southern home cooking, pasta, a good steak, and now a wide variety of fish.

The menu at MFM is large enough that finding a dish to fit one’s taste is relatively easy. For an appetizer, I personally recommend the fried seafood combo. It is the largest appetizer plate, so make sure you have help.

Trio Salad
For a salad, a trio salad of Seafood, Village Greek and Shrimp Salad will satisfy most tastes at the table. I particularly enjoyed the seafood salad.
Seashell Combo

I am not an oyster fan, but the seashell combo is attractive. Pictured above is the seashell combo with octopus and crabcakes, Oysters Bienville and Oysters Rockefeller and seared veggies. The crabcakes here are very tasty. They are large, but not firm – an eat with a fork item. The octopus has a tough texture, and a mild taste.

Santorini Shrimp and Mahi Mahi
The Santorini Shrimp and Mahi Mahi are two of my favorite foods at MFM. The tomato based sauce adds a wonderful flavor to this delicious blend of tastes. Combine this with rice and the dish is complete.

Blackened Grouper Tacos
A new addition to the menu, the Blackened Grouper Tacos are wonderful! Thick and meaty with a tasty sauce and salsa, along with wild rice. This will be a fan favorite in no time.
Fried Catfish
We come to the favorites of the night. The catfish was outstanding and plentiful, and the perch was absolutely delicious. We were in the mood for fried, and these dishes served with fried shrimp and hush puppy fingers were just the thing to send us home happy.
Fried Perch Plate
The place is usually packed, but the wait is short. The entree prices range from thirteen to twenty dollars. Parking is plentiful. Enjoy!
Marietta Fish Market
3185 Canton Road
Marietta, Ga
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