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Dine Out – Tandoor Restaurant – East Cobb

An Authentic Indian Place in the Middle of East Cobb

by Chloe Morris

I’ve been craving for naan bread. So last week, I got in my car and drove up and down BuHi and Duluth in search of an Indian Restaurant that did not serve lunch buffet. I went to four. I called two. No such luck. Until my lovely friend tipped me to Tandoor.

This place is literally a hole-in-a-wall. It’s in a strip mall. It’s cafeteria style. There’s no waiter service. You go up the counter and place your order. You eat off styrofoam plates and plastic utensils. You serve yourself water from a huge plastic jug. There’s even no air conditioner. But what it lacks in ambiance and decor, it makes it up big time in food. This is the best Indian/Pakistani food in the city. I was totally impressed by the taste, quality, and value of food.

 Tandoor Restaurant (Marietta)

 The Palak Paneer is the best version I’ve had here — much like the ones I’ve tasted in Asia. It is made with fresh spinach and paneer. It is creamy and the perfect shade of spinach-green — a welcome sight from the ubiquitous fake bright green color seen at most places. The curry is subtle but flavorful. The consistency is perfect. It is certainly delicious.

 Tandoor Restaurant (Marietta)

 Tandoor Restaurant (Marietta)

 The tandoori chicken is so (finger lickin’) good — the meat is fresh, juicy, and tender then grilled perfectly. The boneless chunks of chicken in the Chicken Boti is evidently marinated for hours and the divine tamarind chutney it is served with, is a magnificent paring that provides some heat and additional contrast in flavor. The skewered leg-and-thigh in the Chicken Tikkah is also as good as the Boti. If chicken in bone is your thing, then this is for you.

The curries are all delicious. I particularly loved their Chicken Butter (Chicken Makhani). It was light yet still retained a great curry taste. The Nehari (a popular breakfast stew that is cooked for hours) is my favorite. Made of beef shank, the super tender morsels of meat are so flavorful. The stew is rich, but not so that you feel weighed down after a meal. I had my heart set out for the Goat Korma, unfortunately, they were already out.

 Of course, the naan is absolutely dreamy: doughy, pillowy, buttery, charred. It took a good deal of self-control to stop after eating two (though, I could have very well eaten more). The garlic naan is equally good and doesn’t have an overpowering garlic taste as one would expect.

I am dreaming of the food (and naan) as I write this and I am already plotting my return later for lunch. Yes, it’s that good.

Insider tip:
Prices are very inexpensive (bbq items start at $4.99, curries and stews at $6.99). Three items on the menu will feed two hungry people very well.
Their Mango Lassi is the best.
Combo Platters are available daily (choice of curry, rice, and naan) and are priced from $7.99.

The scoop:
Tandoor Restaurant
279 Powers Ferry Road SE
Suite F
Marietta, GA 30067
(678) 560-2038

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