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Home – A Kitchen Makeover – March 2010

ReDesign on  Dime

By Jan Britt

I was called into a new client’s house to help them pull their kitchen together.  As I walked into the kitchen I saw that they had already made some improvements.  I saw granite counter tops and up to date tile flooring.  The homeowner had painted the kitchen cupboards to update them.   He had also installed a new look of a beautiful wood flooring on their 9 foot ceiling. I saw the back splash area had dated wallpaper that was being peeled off because my client’s did not like the wallpaper any more.  The chandelier was hung to high above the table; the window was taped off because they altered the window.  This window was special because you could look out and see the sun porch.  The window did not have any window treatments at all.  The window treatment would add color to this quiet kitchen that had very little color and it would help define the decorating style.


 I noticed the eating area had brown painted walls all around the table and the kitchen had an off white color of paint on the walls.  This darker color of paint brought distinction to the eating area.  The Kitchen was the area that was suppose to shine or be the “star of the show” not the small eating area.  I knew I needed to unify this room.  The kitchen ceiling was the most dominate part of the kitchen and it gave the feeling that the ceiling was a little lower than it was.  It had turned into the focal point.  I asked my client if they wanted the ceiling to be the focal point and they said no.  So I had to do something to bring the eye down from the ceiling to the main part of the kitchen.  I saw the back splash of the stove and sink area to be the perfect way to unify this room.  

My job was to pull all the individual colors of the walls, the cupboards and the warm color of the wood ceiling together to make the kitchen and the eating area to look great.  But, before I could do that I needed to see the downstairs of the house.   I had to see what decorating style and color palette my client was using.  This would aid me in making the right decisions concerning the kitchen.  The kitchen would have to color flow into the other rooms.  The dining room that was next to the kitchen was painted red.  That color would be a perfect color for a window treatment to help brighten up and bring this kitchen alive.  The decorating style throughout the house was the Tuscan or Old World style of decorating.  I gave the home owners a variety of window treatment styles for them to choose from that would look perfect in their kitchen to pull the Tuscan look right through to the kitchen from the dining room.  

The tape was taken off the window above the sink and the eating area was painted the same color as the kitchen to help unify the kitchen and the eating area.  By painting the eating area the same color it took the importance off of the eating area and back into the kitchen area.  Using the same color of paint also gave the illusion that the kitchen and eating area were a lot larger.

My client’s and I went shopping for fabric for the kitchen window and for tile for the backsplash.  I had a sample of the red paint color from dining room and a sample of the wood ceiling.  I also had the paint color of the cupboards and a sample of the kitchen tile flooring. We found and purchased the perfect red print fabric for the kitchen window.  Then we are off to the tile store and we were armed with all three samples of the areas that needed to be pulled together to create one unified look or style.  I found the perfect tiles that represented each of the three area s. I showed them how they should be placed in a certain order to create the look we needed.  My client purchased the tiles and was anxious to get started installing them in on the backsplash.  Usually I do not have to choose three different styles of tiles for a back splash.  But in this situation it was necessary.

We had a very successful day!  I sent the fabric we found at the fabric store off to the work room to be made.  We also had the tiles purchased and ready to take home and install.   I was soon to learn that he was a DIY kind of guy.  It is always good if a homeowner is able to do the labor of the home improvement project themselves because it saves a lot of money.  Most of my clients do not have this ability and I have many sources for them to choose from to help accomplish any decorating goal we may have.                                                   

As these projects were being completed I knew we needed a few more splashes of color in the kitchen.  I went through the house looking for accessories to go on the counter top and accessories to go on top of the cupboards.  It is surprising what you can find in your house that will work perfect in other areas of the house.  I found all that I needed to help me add a few color accents to the kitchen.

The wall paper was removed from the back splash and the installation of the tile was complete and looked great.  The window treatments were finished and my client hung them up above the window himself.  The accessories were put into place on the counter and above the cupboards.  The ceiling is now an important part of the room but it is no longer the focal point of the room.  I achieved the look and the feel my client’s wanted for their kitchen.

  Come back next month for another Redesign on a Dime Solution to creating a new high end look room without breaking the bank.

About the Author:  Jan Britt, is owner of Jan Britt Interiors in Marietta. She has appeared many times on HGTV.  Jan  is an interior decorator and a window treatment specialist.  Jan is a professional home stager and a staging instructor. She has been the interior design instructor for many years at Kennesaw State University c.e..  Jan  also teaches Introduction to  Interior Decorating  at  Decorating Mart fabric store. Check out her website to see when her next class is scheduled.  She may be reached at decorate@decoratewithjan.com  or (404)510-3636 or go to her website at www.decoratewithjan.com.



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