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Search for a “Real Sandwich”

If you ask me what’s my favorite thing for lunch, I’ll quickly answer a sandwich. I grew up in New York City and have always enjoyed a “Real Sandwich”  You may think that I am only referring to deli sandwiches, but when I grew up you could get a “Real Sandwich” at a deli, coffee shop or sandwich shop and even a great many restaurants and drug stores. Then came the birth of fast food in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s and with the birth of the Big Mac, Subway, etc. the “Real Sandwich” was soon something relegated to Deli’s and lunch boxes.  Read More


A Marietta Cottage

This charming cottage owned by Ann and Jack Gronewald was one of the stars of the 2008 Marietta Christmas Pilgrimage Tour Read

Featured Restaurants

 Whitlock’s Grill (formerly Chicago’s) – Marietta. New Name, New Owners, but same great food and a little better.  This  long time Whitlock Avenue favorite has recently been purchased and changed its name. On Wednesday night, we went to Whitlock’s for our 20ty anniversary.  I am always, a little but caustious about places that have been sold and the new owners say that it is still the same old thing. Well, rest assure that this is not the case with Chicago, The experience was fantastic in every way from the food to the service. The restaurant still has the same wonderful clubby look of Chicago with its dark woods and leather booths. The bar is one of the prettiest areas of the restaurant and the food is still some of the best in West Cobb. Read More

Antonino’s Italian Grotto – Cartersville –  Recently, when I was having lunch with my friend Michelle, she recommended that we try a small Italian restaurant in Cartersville called Antonino’s. She said while different, that she feels Antonino’s can hold its own against any area Italian restaurant including Fusso’s.  If you don’t read one more word, I’ll tell you this is one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve eaten in anywhere in the Atlanta area and it is a great value. Well worth the drive to Cartersville. Read More





Marietta Revisited – For the Marietta History Buff – Did you know that the bronze statue of former U.S. Sen. Alexander Stephens Clay originally stood on the east side of Marietta Square as opposed to its present west side location? Did you know that the site of the Walker School at Cobb Parkway and Allgood Road used to be an oat field?   In the new book, “Marietta Revisited,” the city of Marietta’s forgotten history is revealed in a combination of historic and modern photographs. Marietta Daily Journal editorial page editor and columnist Joe Kirby, and former Journal photography chief Damien A. Guarnieri, are co-authors of the 96-page book that is published by Arcadia Publishing. Read More


 Dave Poe’s BBQ – Marietta – If you have never heard of Dave Poe’s  BBQ and are wondering what’s the story about this new place worry no more. Dave Poe’s BBQ is the former West Cobb location of Sam & Dave’s BBQ2.  About a year ago, Sam Huff and Dave Poe, the owners of Sam & Dave’s BBQ1 and  Sam & Dave’s BBQ2 decided to split up. Sam took the East Cobb BBQ1 and Dave took the West Cobb location on Whitlock Avenue.  The place looks about the same as does the menu except for a few new sides. You will even find the original bench from their BBQ1 location still siting out in front. Read More      

Waterstone Grill – Acworth – Downtown Acworth has been going through a renovation over the last couple years. Several notable restaurants are located there, including Henry’s, The Old Mill, Fusco’s Via Rome, and my most recent discovery the Waterstone Grill.  Read More   

Keegan’s Public House – Kennesaw  – I ran into Will Underwood at Cuppy’s Coffee last Thursday. He informed me that he’d be playing guitar with Joe at Keegan’s, and invited me to come visit. When I got there, I met Mike and Patrick Ford, the brothers who own and run Keegan’s.They have done this place up right. The pub was everything a neighborhood pub used to be, and more. No overkill with fancy decorations. No girlification. A place with a Larry Bird jersey and a few flat screens on the wall. The dark worn wood. Read More

 Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Kennesaw – Although Ruth’s Chris had humble beginnings, the cooking styles, recipes and overall hospitality and top-notch service are still evident when visiting Ruth’s Chris Steak House. I felt that immediately when walking in the door of their new location in the new Embassy Suites on Chastain in Kennesaw. Originating in New Orleans, many menu items have a Cajun-style influence to them – shrimp cocktail with Creole remoulade or bread pudding with whiskey sauce. The New Orleans influence is even more evident in the lunch menu with items like French Quarter Steak Skewers and Chicken La Louisianne. Read More


Food & Wine – 4 Great Marietta Bakeries   

As the holidays approach, it is time to let that diet slide and enjoy the tastes of the season.  And, we think if you’re going to do it, do it in style!  Forget those store-bought cookies or frozen cakes; there are several great pastry shops in Marietta creating crave-worthy delicacies every day!  

Gabriel’s Dessert’s – Marietta  – the well-known “bake shop” owned by Johnnie Gabriel has become something of a Marietta institution.  Johnnie, who is oft-touted as the cousin of Paula Deen, is equally famous as far as Marietta is concerned.  Happily settled in a new, larger location, Gabriel’s fluctuates between steadily busy and jam-packed throughout the day in both their restaurant and the bakery up front. Read More

 Sugar Cakes – on the Marietta Square is owned by Ted Apron, a pastry chef who first earned his reputation in Atlanta at a 5-Star Buckhead hotel.  Apron states that his goal for the shop is to “bring a Midtown atmosphere to Marietta, and to bring the newest trends in pastries to the Square.”  Read More

Douceur de France – Marietta –  Douceur de France (meaning “sweets of France”) is a pastry shop and café owned by Chef Luc Beaudet.  A native of the Poitou region in the West of France, Beaudet has earned a reputation in the area for baking the most authentic French pastries in town.  During our visit to the shop, everything from the ambiance to every scrumptious bite of our pastry (and the French being spoken behind the counter!) was quite reminiscent of time spent in France.  Chef Beaudet shares, “We keep everything simple and French.  You won’t find carrot cake or red velvet cake in our case, because they aren’t traditionally French desserts.”  Read More

  Miss Mamie’s Cupcakes & Such – Marietta – One of the hottest new food trends sweeping the country are Cup Cake Bakeries and Marietta has had its own since last summer. Mamie’s Cupcakes is the newest of Marietta’s bakeries and is located on the Roswell Street side of the historic Marietta Square. Miss Mamie’s Cupcakes and Such was originaly opended as the Cup Cake Charm Bakery and owned by Cindy Johnson, but she sold it to Mamie Doyle earlier this summer. The sign still says Cupcake Charm, until the new one is approved by the City of Marietta. This small cupcake bakery is located across the street from the Cobb County Courthouse. Read More  

 A Taste of Europe at Patak Meats – A haven for meat aficionados, Patak Meats, located in Austell, just a short drive from West Cobb, brings a taste of Europe to North Metro Atlanta. Open since 1981, Patak has a strong following of regulars who frequent the shop for its large selection of fresh European meats, from Italian sausage to Canadian bacon, in addition to specialty cheeses, chocolates and other ethnic foods. Read More

  Dream Kitchens Don’t Need to Cost an Arm & a Leg




  Real Estate

What’s Happening in Cobb? It has been really difficult to avoid all of the press regarding real estate over the past couple of years.  We hear the bad, the ugly and even occasionally, the good.  Much of what we see is based on national statistics and trends and really does not mean much to us here.  Read More

Watch the Vino Vixens

Watch their latest video as they make Holiday Cranberry Sauce as they enjoy their vino. The Vino Vixen’s are so outrageous , that you can’t help but love them, Click to watch video   Click to Get Holiday Recipes         




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